Tips to Optimize Older Posts

If you are prepared to talk about historical optimization, the following guidelines make it easier to maximize your older blog content. It would require you some time to plan and research and access to your analytics. But, the moment you have got it under control, you will be shocked at the outcome. Before you start, guarantee that you have backed up your previous blog contents for you to restore them once your changes don’t function as it is supposed to be. Though these approaches have functioned well for numerous users to boost leads and traffic, you should always practice preparing your backup into a safe place just in case anything bad happens. Here are the following guidelines: 

Step #1 

Examine the patterns of your traffic and determine yours to 3 posts that produce traffic. You need to find out your top 3 or more posts that produce the most traffic among your content. These are the contents you will be utilized to back up your efforts in historical optimization. It is not unusual to know that numerous posts really bring in most of the site traffic. Those posts are the things you will be needing to focus on for optimizing.  

Step #2 

Thoroughly ready your blog contents and see if you have something you can update to the information given in the old post. You need to fix the reference dates or anything that needs updating. This could also include pictures. Some images are beyond updated and it is somehow unappealing in this era. Might as well you need to improve your post and substitute it with a more modern image. 

Step #3 

Incorporate internal links to related posts, or posts where you would want to gain more traffic. Now that your high-performing blog contents receive a lot of traffic, they are the perfect places to incorporate internal links to newer content, which was actually published first than the original post. They can possibly pass along a few link-love to your newer posts in your blog.  

Step #4 

Fix problems in terms of keywords 

Previously, bloggers usually utilize repetitive words to have a high-rank page. Now, you need to recheck your older posts in your blog that talk similarly to a parrot. Keep in mind that the usage of keywords now is less scripted and much more relaxed.  

Step #5 

Optimize your photos for social media sites like Pinterest or Instagram 

Users of Pinterest usually click on more images, which are oriented vertically compared to the horizontal one. The perfect pin height is about 1.5 to 2.8 times the pin’s width. Hence, you need to optimize your photos accordingly. 

With some easy changes, you can definitely optimize your older blog content to gain boosted leads. You can make a head start by following the tips stated above in this article. If you want to know more about digital marketing or you want to hire a marketing agency Sacramento, CA, never hesitate to contact us now!