Insulate Your Home to Prepare for Winter

Insulation can support in maintaining the warm air produced by your fireplace or heater in your property. And, at the same time, they assist in keeping the cold winter air out. To successfully do this, what courses should you take to insulate your home properly before the winter season sets in? Below are a few tips to consider: 

Inspect your doors, windows, and the entire property for air leaks 

Air leaks are one of the major culprits of higher energy bills and heat loss during the winter season. Air leaks are commonly found near the edges of your doors and windows. You have to guarantee that warm air won’t get out of your property by adding and caulking weather stripping to these parts of the house. Also, it’s recommended to set up draft stoppers or door weeps on all doors that lead outside. You also have to check gaps and cracks that might be letting out warm air and allowing in cold air. If you find such gaps near your recessed lighting, air vents, or pipes, foam sealant is the best remedy. 

Inspect the insulation of your attic 

If you’re not sure if your attic is appropriately insulated, it may be a great idea to go and inspect it. If you don’t know how to do it, you can always ask for a professional’s help to inspect it for you. The moment they see where the problem is, they can immediately repair it for you to insulate your attic properly. If you want any assistance when it comes to attic or roof repair Sacramento, CA, do not hesitate to contact this website.  

Guarantee that you have insulated pipes 

Frozen water in their pipes is one of the issues that most of us don’t recognize before winter season sets in. This could be simply prevented by making sure that all of your pipes are properly insulated. If the water in your pipes freezes, there’s a chance that it will result in the cracking of pipes, leading to issues such as water seepage and flooding he moment the ice within melts out.  

Setup an extra insulation layer to your windows 

You can incorporate another insulation layer to your windows by setting up a window insulator kit. Having this could assist to transform your ordinary windows to be more energy efficient as you heat up your home in the winter season.  

Have dark drapes instead of light and sheer curtains 

Even if your windows are insulated properly, light and sheer curtains could still allow warm air to escape from your property. To have heavy, dark drapes above your windows could assist the cold air out and the warm air in. if you want the warm sunlight to get into your home during daylight, you can just pull back these drapes and tie them using a ribbon. 

Inspect your furnace filters 

Your electricity bills will definitely skyrocket if you have a faulty furnace. Faulty furnace commonly occurs due to your dirty filters, which need to be replaced. Before the winter months set in, make sure to inspect these filters for at least once per month to know if it’s sufficiently clean.