There are homes, especially those homes within rural places, that aren’t linked to city sewer systems. Instead, they have individual septic systems to treat and trap household water waste. Though the installation of the septic tank might be expensive at first, once it’s properly maintained, it could give you beneficial service for a long time. Now, how can you maintain well this essential system, and how do you determine if what should be fixed after you own one? To know more keep on reading as we provide some of the indications when you should pump your septic tank: 

Pooling water 

Pooling water could be the initial indication that your septic tank needs some pumping. This could happen in several parts, however, observe closely to the garden in and nearby the drain field. Pooling water could happen if the tank is full. Once the septic system is functioning as it supposed to be, wastewater stays out of sight and underground. However, once solid waste elements block the drain field pipes, it could cause wastewater to accumulate and increase to your drain field’s surface.  

Foul smell 

Your sense of smell could be useful in determining the condition of your septic tank. Household wastewater is comprised of all water that you send down the drain, which includes water from the toilet, clothes washer, dishwasher, bathtubs, bathroom, and kitchen sinks. The septic system is comprised of both the liquid waste along with the sludgy, solid waste. If the tank becomes full, it will produce foul and strong odors. Your tank probably requires services if you can smell an unnatural foul smell, particularly above your septic tank or around the drain field.  

Slow drains 

If you have slow drains in your home, it is not only a hassle to us but it could also be a sign that you need to pump your septic tank. If you have attempted to utilize commercial products in your sink but the drain keeps on draining slowly, try to retain the last time you have has your septic tank inspected. If your toilet also drains slowly, even if you’ve utilized a plunger, there’s a possibility that your tank might become fuller. 

Drain field grass health 

Once your septic system properly functions, the grassy spot over the drain field would look as healthy as the grass in other areas of the garden. But, when your grass is considerably greener and lusher compared to other spaces, it could be the best time to have your septic tank pumped. If this is the case, it commonly means that your system’s liquid is rapidly increasing.  

Sewage backup 

Finally, nobody wants to imagine having sewage backup into their toilets, skinks, or bathtubs. However, keep in mind once your septic tank is excessively full, it could be one of the causes of sewage backup. Together with pooling water, foul odors, and slow drains, sewage backup is another indication that you need to have your commercial septic system inspected or be serviced.